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The Civilizing Process

Artikel-Nr.: 7134698
  • ISBN10: 0631221603
  • Autor: Norbert Elias
  • Verlag: Blackwell
  • Zustand: Gut
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Art: Gebunden
  • Anzahl Seiten: 567
  • Jahrgang: 2000

  • Zustandsbeschreibung:

    Umschlag berieben, Ecken leicht bestossen

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Revised edition.

The Civilizing Process stands as Norbert Elias's greatest work, tracing the "civilizing" of manners and personality in Western Europe since the late Middle Ages, and showing how this was related to the formation of states and the monopolization of power within them.

In this new edition, the original text is extensively revised, corrected and updated. The Revised Edition reveals anew and afresh the greatness of Elias's masterpiece.

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