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In confidence - The Jackspeak triservice guide to staff reporting

  • ISBN10: 0951430513
  • Autor: Rick Jolly
  • Verlag: FoSAMA Books
  • Zustand: Sehr gut
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Art: Broschiert
  • Anzahl Seiten: 103
  • Jahrgang: 2002

  • Zustandsbeschreibung:  Enthält Widmung und Unterschrift vom Autor
SFr. 30.00


 A terrific collection of nearly 600 "Politically Incorrect" comments: 

... the only time my Navigating Officer is absolutely certain where he is going is shortly after he has taken a laxative ...

... delightful, delinquent but potentially disastrous; he should not be allowed anywhere near real soldiers and live ammunition ...

... Corporal N is a charming, sociable and good-looking member of my Ship's Detachment who is very much a model Royal Marine. It is a matter of some regret that he is not a working model ...

...if getting up people's noses was a prerequisite for promotion, Pilot Officer F would be an Air Commodore by now...

"Its a long time since I laughed so much..." -Warship World Magazine