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Beyond The Never Never

  • ISBN10: 0908240325
  • Autor: Leslie Horsphol
  • Illustrationen / Abbildungen: halb bis zweiseitige schöne Farb-Reproduktionen
  • Verlag: View Productions Pty.Ltd.
  • Zustand: Gut
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Art: Gebunden
  • Format: Folio
  • Anzahl Seiten: O.A.
  • Jahrgang: 1983, 1st Edition

  • Zustandsbeschreibung: Umschlag an den Kanten etwas abgegiffen, auf der Rückseite mit zwei 2-3cm langen Rissen
SFr. 17.00


 The publication of "Beyond The Never Never" provided opportunity to produce a work which we feel is bound to become a memorable link in Australia's literary and artistic heritage. Clearly, this marriage of Lesle Horsphol's poetry with the artistic genius of Pro Hart is a celebration of the Australian artss an will provide a rewarding adventure for all who experience it.
PRO HART, one of the most prolific artists, was the obvious choice for the illustration of 'Beyond The Never Never'. Here is an artist who is widely admired and respected because of the depth of sensitivity he portrays in his paintings  as well as his polished professionalism.
LESLIE HORSPHOL'S exquistitely moving poetry represents the very substance of Australian life. The rugged Australian outback and life's bardships and happiness are vividly represented with touching emotionalism. A wealth of feeling has been dramatically captured within these pages.